5 Tips On Going Through The Divorce Process Without Hating Your Ex

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Going through a divorce is undoubtedly a nerve-racking experience for most and one which could leave permanent scars. The lengthy legal process is time-consuming and in most cases, very stressful. With so many horror stories of divorce, it's difficult to imagine going through the process without hating your ex. However, it can be done using these five tips.  

1. Accept That the Divorce Will Happen

By simply accepting that you are going through a divorce, you will be able to endure the painful legal process. This will also help the healing process, making it easier for you to move on, instead of directing anger and frustration towards your spouse. This is not an easy task by all means.

2. Take Ownership and Responsibility for Your Actions

Take ownership of your part for the failed marriage. It is easier to place the blame on your spouse to avoid taking responsibility, but this will lead to unnecessary arguments. This furthers frustration and suffering. Taking responsibility will empower you to make an honest and clear assessment of the situation, while maintaining your self-respect.

3. Think Clearly Through This Process

Keeping a clear head as you undergo the divorce process is crucial for making wise decisions. Stressful conditions will lead to making decisions you might regret later on. Conversations can easily get out of hand when feeling stressed.

4. Express Your Feelings to Each Other

Expressing your feelings will help in the healing process. Always make your feelings known, be it feelings of anger, frustration, or regret. In the long run, this will give you more self-esteem. Making your feelings heard in a civilized manner makes for better closure. This helps speed up the healing process, allowing you to move on feeling confident and strong.

5. Seek Out a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce partners treat both parties equally. So, both you and your spouse can rely on a team of professionals, including divorce lawyers, financial advisors, attorneys, and in many cases, even a mental health professional. They will help you focus on the solution to your problem, rather than the problem itself. Divorce lawyers, like those at Kenneth J. Molnar Attorney, will speed up the process by assisting you whenever it is needed, constantly providing support. This will save you headaches, frustrations, and stress.

These are great starter options for you to successfully go through a divorce without hating your ex. They do, however, require you to be open-minded, to accept the current situation, and to constantly keep pushing forward for a solution.


29 December 2014

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