Business Law: Why You Will Need More Than One Lawyer To Handle Your Corporate Law Affairs

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When you are the head of a corporation, you are in charge of a major business that operates on a national and/or international level. That means there are many legal matters in need of regular attention just to keep all of the operations of your company on the up and up. Here are several other reasons why you need more than one lawyer to handle all of your corporate affairs.

Headquarters in One State, Branches Everywhere Else

Corporate law has some basic tenets which business lawyers in every state follow, but each state has some slightly different laws when it comes to trusts, liability laws and the establishment of a board of trustees and the board of shareholders. Ergo, if your main headquarters is in New York and your branches are in California, Texas, Alaska, etc., each branch's laws will operate differently in another state. For that reason, you cannot utilize the services of a business lawyer in New York for the rest of your corporation. The New York lawyer also will not have the licensure to practice business law in other states (and definitely not in other countries).

Multiple Legal Facets to Corporate and Business Law

There are multiple legal facets of corporate and business law. Having a complete team of lawyers is far better than just one, because you might be in court arguing the legality of the trusts your company has established at the same time you are transferring shares of your company stock to or between shareholders. That said, one lawyer cannot possibly handle all of these facets on his or her own, especially if your company is so massive it has branches in several states and a couple of international branches as well. Fortunately for many corporations similar in size to your own, there are entire law firms dedicated to providing entire teams of lawyers to big companies.  

International Business Lawyers on Foreign and American Soil

Finally, when it comes down to international business and corporate law, you have to abide by the laws of the other countries in which you establish, build and operate your business. This means you will need lawyers who know how international business operates both home and abroad. Make sure you have lawyers in the other countries who can advise and defend you, and make sure they can effectively communicate with the international business lawyers you have on American soil. 


29 August 2015

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