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When you got married, you more than likely didn't even conceive that your marriage would end in divorce, did you? Have you already started your divorce proceedings, or has your spouse started them? Whether it's an amicable divorce or one filled with bitterness and anger, it's no secret that your children are probably going through a hard time.

After all, little kids didn't ask to ask to be put in the middle of their parent's problems, did they? From having a meeting with both parents and the children present to finding a child custody lawyer, here are some ideas that might help each of you get through this hard time without too many battle scars.

An Open Meeting - Will your spouse agree to meet with you and the children? If another person is involved, maybe a new love interest, it might be better not to ask that person to participate in the meeting. This meeting will be a good time for you and your spouse to put on a good front, whether real or pretend, and to remind your children that they had nothing to do with the problems you are having now.

Remind them that they will still be loved intensely and that you will do everything you can to keep normalcy in their lives. For example, assure them that they will still get to see both sets of grandparents and other extended family members. Let the children know that finances are not a worry for them. Talk about how things like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer holidays will work in the future. 

A Child Custody Lawyer - When you are looking for a lawyer, consider hiring one that not only handles divorces but one who also specializes in child custody services. By doing so, you will be hiring an individual who has been trained especially in child custody and who has experience in the best way that child custody should be handled. Before you even meet, write down exactly what you want to achieve in the child custody part of your divorce.

The child custody lawyer will be able to tell you if your requests are likely to be met or if they need to be fine-tuned. He or she will more than likely help you to figure out the correct financial settlement that will best serve your children, including finances that will be needed in the future, say payment for things like braces or even college tuition. 

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4 September 2018

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