Key Factors In A Car Accident Case

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If you've been injured in a motor vehicle incident and have decided to move forward with a claim with the help of a car accident lawyer, you'll likely be wondering what factors might play into how your case will pan out. Your car accident attorney will focus on evidence from the scene, reports, and anything witnesses can provide. They'll also take a close look at any indications of problems that occurred with a vehicle or a driver prior to an incident. Expert testimony may be a factor, too. 

The Scene of the Accident

A car accident attorney wants to get as much information from the scene of an accident as possible. In the age where everyone has a cell phone on them, it's a good idea for victims to take pictures and give them to their counsel. Information from the scene of the accident will also be gathered from the police, and counsel can sometimes even get additional images from local news or social media.

Professional Reports

The reports that responding police officers file following an accident carry a lot of weight. These typically include information about how long a car was breaking, what the weather conditions were, and other things that fill in the gaps for understanding incidents.

Medical reports are critical, too. Victims should be checked out by a doctor following an accident, even if they were already examined by emergency medical technicians (EMTs). X-rays and notes from a doctor's report will mean a lot when an insurance claims adjuster is trying to figure out how much compensation to award.

Witness Testimony

Finding witnesses who saw an accident can go a long way toward painting a more detailed picture. Comparing multiple witness accounts from different angles will ensure a full understanding of how an accident unfolded.

Pre-accident Information

The condition of the vehicles and the drivers involved in an incident are important to examine. Was a car poorly maintained, such as its brakes being worn down? Was a driver possibly intoxicated? Anything that points to negligence prior to an accident can bolster a case.

Expert Witnesses

Even if you're headed toward a settlement rather than a trial, filings and testimony from experts can add a lot to a claim. An accident reconstructionist, for example, may be able to develop a 3-D model showing how the vehicles involved came together for a crash. These types of visuals often elicit strong responses from adjusters and juries.


17 November 2018

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