Warning Signs That Your Personal Injury Case Is About To Get Ugly

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Nobody wants to deal with more stress after they've been hurt in a car accident. Unfortunately, things don't always go smoothly when dealing with the at-fault driver's insurance company. In some cases, the insurance company might pay for your medical expenses and other losses but not always. Read below for the signs that should have you contacting a personal injury lawyer.

  1. Your injuries were more than just minor. When it comes to injuries from an accident, it's as much about the cost of the medical treatment as it is about the seriousness of them. In most cases, even relatively minor accidents and injuries can begin to add up. As the bills come in to the insurer, things can change. The more costs are racked up, the more you will find yourself needing a personal injury lawyer's help.
  2. The insurer is slow to pay your medical bills, and now your personal financial situation is in dire straits. Medical billing collections are some of the most aggressive in the industry, and your credit can be ruined in an instant when the insurer fails to pay some expensive bills. You can be taken to court and sued if the insurer is slow to pay or ignores the bills entirely. When that happens, it negatively affects your ability to get credit for a very long time.
  3. Your injuries were so severe that you may be dealing with them for years to come. In some cases, surgery has to be postponed to allow healing of another injury. Some accident victims are looking at years of surgery, physical therapy, and more. You are going to need a lawyer that understands how to ask for future medical payments so that you are not left responsible for medical costs long after the case is settled.
  4. If the accident resulted in the death of a loved one, you may need more help getting the compensation you are entitled to get. Wrongful death cases fall outside the limits of the usual insurer compensation models and are based on making a family that has suffered a loss be made financially whole. Nothing can replace a loved one, but you should not also suffer financially when the accident was not your loved one's fault.
  5. Sometimes, an accident is so disruptive that it permanently affects your income. If you have been hurt and missed work, that form of damage is known as lost wages. When the effects of the accident more deeply affect your work, however, that is career damage and you are entitled to be paid for that loss. For example, if you were a musician but can no longer play an instrument due to a permanent disability caused by the wreck, you should be compensated for that.

If any of the above sounds familiar, speak to a personal injury attorney right away.


26 August 2020

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