Who Is At Fault For A Skylight Injury?

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When walking on the roof of a property, one of the potential disasters that you might suffer is a fall through a skylight. The skylight is a feature that provides natural lighting to a property, but you may not notice it when you are walking on the roof and might fall through. While you might think that this accident is your fault, you might actually have a case against the property owner.

Why You're Not at Fault

When a property has a skylight, there must be safety measures in place to make sure that the skylight does not present a hazard to anyone who has access to the roof. The first place you'll need to turn when looking for who may be at fault is the building owner.

The Building Owner

If you were not supposed to be on the roof, you may be held liable for your own injuries and the damage done to the skylight. The type of safety barriers that should be used include:

  • Rails
  • Gates
  • Cages

You should also be warned about the potential danger if a safety risk is present. However, in some cases, the building owner may not actually be at fault because the manufacturer who created the skylight or the safety features used by the skylight might actually be at fault.

Defective Skylights

The railing meant to secure the skylight might not be sturdy enough when leaned on. If the skylight is designed to be sturdy enough to support weight, it may not support the weight of someone who weighs too much or there may be a weak point. Because it matters who you attempt to sue, it's important to speak with an injury lawyer.

The Client or Employer

In many cases, the only reason why someone would be on the roof is if they are performing construction. If you are an employee and are injured by falling through a skylight, employee, you may be able to file a worker's compensation claim. Then, you will be able to receive benefits from the workers' compensation insurance provider. 

You may be able to file a claim for negligence if you were not provided with sufficient training or if you were not given the equipment necessary to keep you safe, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer. Regardless of who is at fault, you may need help calculating damages from a personal injury lawyer. Contact an injury lawyer for more information


2 November 2020

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