3 Tips To Hiring The Right Attorney For You

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When you have been hurt and need to sue for your medical bills, or anything else associated with your accident, you need to find a personal injury lawyer to help you with everything. If you haven't ever hired a personal injury attorney, you may be a little nervous about finding the attorney who will be able to help you get what you deserve because of your accident. Knowing a few tips about choosing will help you make a good decision if you have to find an attorney. 


While all lawyers practice law, not all of them practice the same kind of law. There are many different law categories, and one person can't practice every single form of law. So, when you are shopping for your attorney, check out their specialties. You want to make sure that the attorney you hire does personal injury law. You can always narrow the subject down even further by looking for attorneys who handle auto accidents or slips and falls. That specialization will make sure that the attorney you are working with knows what they are doing. 


You also want to check your prospective attorney's experience. And this doesn't mean just how many years they've practiced, but how long they've worked in this particular field, how many years they've been going to court, and other similar things. The law office should tell you those things, but generally, you can find some of those answers on the attorney's website. 

Contingency Fees

Most personal injury attorneys will work on contingency, which means that they don't get paid upfront. Instead, they take a certain percentage of your settlement. That percentage varies depending on your attorney and your state. When you ask about whether you have to pay a retainer or contingency fees, make sure you check to see what the percentage your attorney generally takes. With that information, you can talk to your attorney about what kind of settlement they think you may be able to get, and figure out how much you'd have left after the attorney took their percentage.  

If you have been injured due to someone else's negligence, you may be entitled to your medical bills and other expenses being covered. The only way you will be able to get any of that money is to go to an attorney and have them help you in court. There are some easy tips you can use to find your attorney. 


24 February 2021

injured at work? what do you do now?

Were you injured at work and fighting to get the workers compensation that you have paid into each year? Sometimes, getting those payments can be very difficult. What do you do when an employer fights the claim? Do you need a lawyer to help you through the process? How will you pay for a lawyer if you cannot even pay your electric bill? You are probably as lost as I was when I went through the process. Fortunately, you can learn from my experience with the system and find the answers to many of the questions that you have about filing a workers comp claim and fighting the system when it is denied.