When You Need An Eviction Lawyer

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In most cases, a landlord-tenant conflict does not require external interventions. However, complex issues require court intervention. Should a tenant opt for self-representation, the court assumes they understand the eviction law and litigation procedures. Thus, it makes sense to hire an eviction lawyer who understands the rules and procedures. So, when should you hire an eviction lawyer as a tenant? 

When the Landlord Is Evicting You Illegally

The laws dictate how a landlord should evict a tenant. Typically, the law requires the landlord to file the case in court and serve an eviction notice. Thus, if the landlord fails to serve you a proper eviction notice, they do not have the legal authority to evict you. In addition, the landlord may take matters into their hands and try to use illegal tactics to get you out of their property. For instance, the landlord may lock you out, vandalize the property, disconnect utilities, or seize your assets. In case you experience such illegalities, it is time to get an eviction lawyer. The attorney will protect your right to a lawful eviction. 

When You Need to Stop a Wrongful Eviction 

In some instances, the landlord may follow the proper eviction procedure but for the wrong reasons. Therefore, you may need to defend the termination notice in a court of law. In case you do not understand eviction law, the landlord may get away with the injustice. For instance, the landlord may claim you caused damage or disregarded the pet policy. As a result, you need proof and witness account that you did not contravene the rental agreement. Such procedures are technical and require an experienced lawyer. Thus, you should engage an eviction lawyer to research the case, collect evidence, and make court submissions. This way, you increase your chances of fighting a wrongful eviction. 

When the Eviction Is a Form of Discrimination 

If you suspect that the landlord's unfair actions against you are a form of discrimination, take legal action. Typically, tenants have the right to fair housing irrespective of race, gender, age, religion, culture, or nationality. Despite the existence of anti-discrimination laws, some landlords may attempt to evict you on such grounds. For instance, the landlord may terminate or refuse to renew a lease agreement based on your race. Then other landlords may try to push you out of the house by limiting your access to utilities or not making necessary repairs. Whatever the case, you should hire an eviction lawyer to file a discrimination complaint on your behalf. You will not only stop the eviction but also get compensation for unfair treatment. 

An eviction disrupts your life, creates the need for relocation expenses, and risks your prospects for future property leases. Thus, if an ejection is not fair and legal, engage an eviction lawyer to defend your rights. 


17 September 2021

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