Juggling Grief And An Accident Lawsuit: How To Manage


When you have lost someone in an auto accident, you are emotionally at odds with what to do next. You may be feeling emotionally raw, and having to contend with funeral arrangements. When someone suggests that you talk to an auto accident attorney, you may not be hearing the speaker correctly, or not at all. This is a very difficult time for you, and having to consider the possibility of a lawsuit to compensate for the loss of someone dear to you just does not seem to fit.

30 October 2019

Two Ways to Proceed When the Defendant Moves Out of State


You'll face many challenges when litigating a lawsuit for damages and losses you sustained in a motorcycle accident, and one of them is when the defendant moves to another city, state, or even country in the middle of the trial. Here are a couple of ways you can proceed if the person you are suing suddenly relocates without notice. File a Motion to Compel Some defendants think if they can't be found then the lawsuits against them will magically disappear.

9 October 2018

How To Know If It Is Time For A Personal Injury Attorney


If you have been injured in an accident and it was not an accident that you caused, then you may find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney. To help you determine whether you are in need of this type of attorney right now, you will want to take a look at the following points. You Are Still Out Of Work  Even if you have every intention to return to work in the future, if it seems as though it is going to be a while, you might want to consider getting an attorney to represent you so you can receive financial compensation.

8 August 2016

The Importance Of Finding A Responsible Medical Malpractice Lawyer


If you are or someone you care about has been injured due to medical malpractice, you have every right to sue for compensation for undue pain and suffering or to replace unpaid wages due to unnecessary time lost at work. Care must be taken however to ensure that you hire a medical malpractice lawyer that is truly interested in helping you regain what you lost, not just line their own pockets.

27 January 2015

The 5 Key Reasons Your Social Security Disability Benefits Might Be Denied


The application process for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be completed by most people. The rejection rate for fist-time applications, nearly 70 percent according to the Social Security Administration, makes it important to use the services of social security disability lawyers to complete the application successfully. Don't waste your time by filing an inaccurate application. Hire an attorney to make sure you aren't denied for one of the following reasons.

14 January 2015

Three Reasons A Legal Separation Could Be Ideal For Troubled Marriages


Today, there are a number of marriages that are strained. Some of these relationships may be salvageable, but in some cases, divorce becomes the chosen method of ending things. Celebrities have even found themselves in these predicaments. Separating from the other spouse can be a temporary alternative to divorce, but people need to understand the importance of legal separations, which involve the courts. One spouse simply moving out of the home without involving the courts could cause problems in the future.

31 December 2014