Pursuing A Workers Compensation Claim? Get A Lawyer To Help You Overcome These Three Complications

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Worker's compensation claims are generally viewed as routine issues that don't necessarily need a lawyer's intervention, but this isn't always true. There are workers compensation complications that you may face, especially if this is your first time pursuing such a claim. Here are some of those complications: Having to Wait Too Long For Your Benefits Ordinarily, you should start receiving your worker's compensation benefits as soon as you have filed your worker's compensation claim.

27 December 2017

Inventors: Do You Need A Provisional Patent Application?

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The patent process can be confusing, but it's important to understand the ins and outs of patents if you have an invention that you'd like to develop, seek funding for, and market to the public. Provisional patent applications are a common point of confusion for entrepreneurs who aren't well-versed in patent law. Take a look at some things you need to know when deciding whether or not you need a provisional patent application.

1 December 2017

Four Reasons You Have A Medication Error Medical Malpractice Case

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While medical malpractice can involve anything from a misdiagnosis and treatment to a wrongful death due to surgery that was not followed through properly, you could also have a case revolving medication error. The medication you are prescribed by a doctor should not cause any major problems. If so, then you may have a medical malpractice case on your hands. Here are four specific reasons this may be: Wrong Prescription Type: When your doctor writes you a prescription for medication, it should be the proper dosage amount and the right medication needed to treat your specific ailments.

30 October 2017

In A Car Accident With Multiple Cars? Figuring Out Who's To Blame

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Most accident sites can be easily looked at to determine who was responsible for causing an accident. It may be as simple as somebody being rear ended at a red light, or someone going through a stop sign and causing the crash. How do you determine fault when multiple cars are in an accident? Here are some tips to figure it out. Single Drive Responsibility Negligence is the main factor that determines fault in a car accident, and it still applies when there are multiple cars involved.

4 October 2017

Tired Of Promises Of Payment? 3 Ways A Contractor's Lien Can Help You Get Paid

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Homeowners are protected by surety bonds if contractors fail to complete work on new home construction. But what happens when the homeowner fails to pay the contractors for the work they completed? Promising to make good on payment isn't going to pay the contractor for their time and the equipment they used. Fortunately, there is a remedy for contractors who don't receive a timely payment. It's called a contractor's lien, mechanic's lien, or construction lien, depending on the state's laws.

14 July 2017

What Drivers Need To Know About Driving A Car After A Recall

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As you may hear on the news, cars can get recalled from time to time for any number of reasons. It can be a mechanical problem to defective parts that can cause an accident. In some cases, these vehicles can get into accidents due to the recall. The following are some ways to avoid an accident in a recalled car: Inspection As soon as you know there is a recall for your car, it is crucial to have it evaluated at the dealership and have it repaired.

25 February 2017

4 Reasons You Need An Immigration Lawyer To Help Keep Your Loved Ones Stateside

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The laws revolving around immigration in the United States, particularly citizenship and residency, have recently become much more complex and hard to understand. With President Trump's new immigration executive orders, your loved ones may be facing deportation and not even know it. If you don't know how to guarantee that relatives without green cards may be able to stay in the country and eventually become permanent residents, you need the services of an immigration attorney in your local jurisdiction.

10 February 2017

You Have Been Notified You Are Part Of A Class Action Lawsuit, Now What?

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A class action lawsuit is one in which a large number of people have been affected by something from a single person or business entity. This could be an injury or potential injury caused by a medical appliance or a financial loss due to unfair or fraudulent lending practices. You may not even realize that there is a lawsuit or that you are involved in it until you receive a notice from the attorney handling the case for the plaintiff.

7 February 2017

Is a Special Needs Trust Ideal for Your Child's Future?

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To protect your child's needs in the future, you might have to rely on a special needs trust. The trust will provide special protections that could potentially ensure your child remains eligible to receive government benefits, such as Medicaid. If you have a child with special needs and are planning for his or her future, here is what you need to know about a special needs trust.    What Are the Benefits of a Special Needs Trust?

6 February 2017

Six Workers Comp Situations Where You Need To Work With A Specialized Attorney

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Hiring a workers compensation lawyer is always a good idea when you're filing a claim. However, there are certain situations where a professional and experienced workers compensation attorney is particularly invaluable. The following are six scenarios where you really need to call up a specialized attorney for advice and representation: Your employer offers a settlement but it doesn't cover your expenses. If your employer offers a disappointingly low settlement, you're going to need to start negotiating.

6 February 2017