How You Sue After A Reckless Driver Hits Your Car & Injures Your Child

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Did your child suffer a serious injury after your car was hit by a reckless driver? You and your child deserve justice, and a lawyer can help you sue the other driver for being so careless while operating a vehicle. In this article, find out about everything you can sue for concerning your injured child and how much it will cost to hire a lawyer to help out with the case.

What Kind of Compensation Can a Victim Receive in a Car Accident Lawsuit?

You are not only eligible to receive compensation for your injured child, but also for your own pain and suffering. The first thing you should do is talk to a personal injury lawyer so he or she can assess your case and determine the specific types of compensation you qualify for. For instance, if your child will have to stay home from school because of the injury, you may be able to receive compensation to provide a home education.

The lawyer will also assist you with getting compensation for things that include:

  • Time loss from work
  • Physical therapy sessions
  • Vehicle repairs or replacement
  • Visits to a psychologist for mental trauma
  • All medical bills associated with the accident
  • Making your home handicap accessible for your child

Besides helping you get compensated to the fullest extent, a lawyer can help you criminally prosecute the other party. He or she will investigate the other party's driving and criminal record, especially if alcohol was the reason he or she wrecked into your vehicle.

How Much Does the Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Due to the large amount of money typically compensated in lawsuits involving injuries, a lawyer may work based on a contingency fee. Rather than asking you to pay money upfront or on an hourly rate, you will be asked to pay the lawyer an average of up to 40% of what is won.

The court fees will also have to be paid to the lawyer, but you can actually sue the other party for court fees so nothing is coming out of your own wallet.

Having to deal with a child with bad injuries from a collision with a reckless driver can cause a lot of anger and frustration. Although you can't take your child's suffering away, you can still make sure justice is served on yours and your child's behalf. Allow a personal injury lawyer to help you get paid what you deserve. If you have other questions, contact a company like Campbell Law Group PLLC to learn more.


2 February 2015

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