3 Things You Need To Know About Your Trucking Accident Claim

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Have you recently been the victim of an accident caused by a truck driver? If so, then you understandably have a lot on your mind; you may be wondering how you're going to pay for your medical bills, when you'll be able to return to work, and what legal steps you'll need to take regarding your case. All of this can seem a bit overwhelming, but there are a few things you should know about trucking accident claims to make things easier on you in the coming months.

You Don't Have Time to Waste

First and foremost, understand that you really can't drag your feet on getting your trucking accident claim started. In fact, if you wait too long to get the ball rolling, you could end up losing valuable evidence. That's because, by law, trucking companies are generally only required to keep records (such as "black boxes" from trucks, service records, sleeper logs, etc.) for six months. Therefore, if you wait too long to file your case, those records could be destroyed by the time you need them.

Being Honest Will Work in Your Favor

This is true of any legal matter, but perhaps especially so in regards to trucking accident cases. That's because, when you're filing a trucking accident claim, the other party's defense lawyer will likely have access to a database known as the Insurance Offices Search (IOS). This means the defense lawyer will be able to view your legal history as it relates to previous claims made and lawsuits you've been involved in. They may try to use this information against you or cross-examine you about details from previous cases in an effort to catch you in a lie, so always answer honestly.

Having an Experienced Lawyer is Key

Finally, don't think you can get through your trucking accident case and ensure a fair settlement on your behalf without help from an experienced trucking accident lawyer. Specifically, an accident lawyer will be able to provide you with valuable legal guidance, representation in court, and assistance in putting together a compelling case. If you're concerned about paying for a lawyer, check your auto insurance policy; there's a chance that your insurer may be required to pay for your legal counsel if you're involved in an accident. Furthermore, many trucking accident lawyers these days will only charge you a fee once they win your case, so you can avoid paying anything up-front.


25 June 2015

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