Use These Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Back Your Child's Custody

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Losing custody of your children can be a frustrating affair. However, child custody orders are things that can be amended or modified.  A family lawyer, preferably one with experience in child custody cases, can help you get your children back. Of course, you also have a part to play. These tips will improve your chances of getting back your children:

Identify and Address the Problems

You need to address the problems that made you lose custody in the first place. Judges don't make emotional decisions; they base their judgments on laws and precedents. Therefore, if you don't identify and correct the issues, then a review is worthless because you are likely to get the same result.

For example, if you were accused of child neglect, then you will need to show that you have been taking care of your children (for example, by paying child support). If drug abuse was one of the issues, then you should have completed a rehabilitation program.

Follow the Law and Court Orders

Even if you don't have custody of your child, there may be court orders or relevant family laws that the court expects you to follow. For example, there may be visitation orders that allow you to spend specific times with your child. It's important to follow these orders to the letter because your adherence is likely to come up for review during the custody evaluation hearing. For example, if you aren't allowed to take the child out of state without the other parent's permission, then don't do it.

Start with Small Requests

If you don't even have visitation rights, then your issues must have been serious, and it's unlikely that the court will give you custody of the children right away. In such a case, it may help to make small requests before seeking custody. For example, you can petition for visitation rights where you get to see your child for specific periods per week. Once you get this, follow the court's orders thoroughly and build your relationship with your children. After some time, you can petition for shared or complete custody as the situation may demand.

Don't forget to involve your lawyer at each stage of this process. It might not happen overnight, but barring some exigent circumstances, you should be able to win your children's custody after some time. After all, family courts are not in the business of separating parents from their children – they want to look out for the best interests of the children. 

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14 July 2015

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