Can Marijuana Use And Public Assistance Result In Losing Your Green Card?

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When you receive your green card, one of the things that you might not realize is that it can be easily taken away from you. There are many rules and regulations that you need to follow or the government could exercise its right to deport you to your home country. To help you avoid deportation, it is important that you understand the situations that could possibly lead to it. 

Marijuana Use

Some cities and states have laws that allow for the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Even if you live in one of those areas, it is important that you refrain from using marijuana. Immigration is considered to be a federal matter. Therefore, your actions are governed by the state and federal government. Even though your city or state allows it, the federal government does not. If you are subjected to a drug test by immigration officials and fail, you could face deportation.

Public Assistance

One of the reasons that you were allowed to receive a green card is that you swore that you could financially care for yourself and that you had a sponsor who could offer support in the event that you cannot. In the event that you need to apply for public assistance, you could be putting your status in jeopardy if you have to travel outside of the country. 

If you are out of the country for an extended period of time, you could be deemed inadmissible because you were reliant on public funds before leaving the country. At that point, you could face a new evaluation for whether or not you should be allowed into the country. During that evaluation, your assets, employability, and health would be considered. If you are deemed eligible to re-enter, you can once again enter the country with your green card. If not, you might have to start the process of reapplying. 

It is important to note that receiving help from certain assistance programs will not trigger a re-evaluation of your legal status. Medicaid, child care services, and foster care assistance are among the programs that do not result in a public charge consideration.

If you are worried that any of your actions could result in your green card status being put in jeopardy, contact an immigration attorney from a firm like Ahmad Law Office PLLC. He or she can help you understand the rules that come with having a green card and what you can do if you do face deportation.


31 July 2015

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