Don't Be A Turkey: 4 Things To Know About Thanksgiving Duis

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No matter where in the United States you are this Thanksgiving, be aware of the severe increase of DUI checkpoints on the road. For instance, Cape Coral police have reported eight DUI-related deaths on the road in 2015 alone. While the temptation to drink at a family holiday event may be strong, it is important to keep these tips in mind to avoid arrest, criminal charges, injury, or even death.

1. Beware of the combination of family and medication.

Driving under the influence of certain prescription medications can earn you a DUI just as easily as alcohol can. If you are one of those individuals who may feel the need to take a Xanax before seeing the family each year, you should probably stay off the road. The effects often worsen when you add alcohol into the mix.

2. Know that DUI checkpoints are in place on Thanksgiving.

Thanks to high rates of drinking and driving on Thanksgiving, law enforcement agencies often set up many DUI checkpoints. Avoid the risk of a DUI charge at one of these checkpoints by handing a sober friend or family member your car keys and getting a ride home from them.

3. Defensive driving is essential, especially on holidays

Did you know that in recent years, Thanksgiving has been deadlier in terms of DUI crashes than New Years Eve? Unfortunately, many of these fatalities touch people who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The lesson to be learned here is that you need to be aware of potential dangers on the road. If you notice somebody who appears to be driving drunk, report them to 911 right away. You could be saving lives.

4. Don't wait until after Thanksgiving dinner to look for a ride.

The simplest solution is always the best one, and that is to make sure that you are operating a vehicle only when you are totally sober. While this may sound totally obvious to most, the definition of "drunk driving" does not always seem clear. It is important that you don't drive even if you think you are only "buzzed." Planning ahead by arranging a ride before you even begin drinking is the best solution.

This Thanksgiving, consider hiring a taxi, getting an Uber, or asking a family member to be a designated driver when you hit the road after dinner. If you are stopped for a DUI, hiring a law firm like Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham, LLC. to handle your case is the best way to protect your rights.


27 November 2015

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