Proving Your Business Was Not At Fault For A Slippery Parking Lot Fall

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If you have recently had someone pretend to fall down in your business' parking lot, claiming there was a patch of ice present to cause them injury, you may want to dispute the charges. Sometimes people will fake an injury in an attempt to collect insurance money. If you believe the person is trying to commit insurance fraud, unfortunately your insurance would be the one making payments causing you to have higher premiums as a result. Here are some ways to prove you were not negligent in your parking lot maintenance, saving your reputation and keeping your insurance premiums at the same rate.

Retain An Attorney

Make sure you have a personal injury attorney to represent you. They will have the knowledge needed to expose the other person's fake injury. They will be able to hire a private investigator on your behalf to follow the injured person, seeing if they are doing activities that they would not be able to do if they were indeed injured. The attorney will have the benefit of looking up past cases to find a similarity that may help them find a way to prove your innocence in the matter at hand.

Check Customer Records

Find out who had been on your property in the hours before and after the time the incident had occurred. Someone may have been inside their vehicle when the person claimed to have fallen, seeing the staged act from afar. Look through your credit card receipts to find names of people who had made purchases. If you have surveillance in your business, check the tapes to see if you recognize any of the people who had visited near the incident time. Ask these people if they noticed anything out of the ordinary that would help prove your case and have them on-call to testify if needed.

Provide Documented Evidence

Have your parking lot maintenance service write out a summary telling when they had last tended to the parking lot area and what condition it had been in at the time of the incident. Go out to the parking area yourself and take photographs of the asphalt in the area where the person had claimed to have fallen. Take photographs of the spot where they had been parked and the entire path they would have walked to prove there are no uneven spots where water would have pooled, forming ice as a result.

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14 December 2015

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