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If you have your own law practice and you want to stand out from the crowded field, you already know that offering the best services is one way to gain a good reputation. The office where you do business is the first thing clients see when they walk through the door, and it can have a lasting impression. Whether you've been practicing law for years or you're getting ready for your firm's grand opening, here are some design tips that can give your office space the edge.

Provide Privacy

Legal matters are something that are of a highly sensitive nature, so you want to ensure each and every client's privacy is protected. One good way to do this is to have sound barriers installed in your office so that no one outside of the room can hear the conversation behind closed doors. Several services provide something called sound masking, which is designed to help create an extra barrier between walls to ensure absolute privacy. The door of any room is its weakest point in terms of privacy, so consider upgrading them to provide a tighter seal for a better barrier.

Go Above And Beyond

Most legal offices have a cold feel to them, where clients await nervously in uncomfortable chairs. You can up your law office game by replacing older hard backed chairs with comfortable couches and recliners. Add some extra amenities to your lobby such as hot coffee and even snacks for clients to enjoy while they wait. Use warm or bright colored artwork to adorn the hallways to give an air of calm and happiness, and upgrade lighting to new bulbs that produce light similar to the sun using LED lighting. All of these things can improve your client's psyche which can help give your reputation a boost as well.

Foster Teamwork

Gone are the days when lawyers who worked at a firm each had a separate office with a locking door. Today, a focus on teamwork is emphasized in order to create a fluid and more dynamic work environment. When it comes to your office, create more work-friendly spaces where each employee has room to spread out. Use high desk tables with bar-like chairs or stools that encourage people to stay alert and interact with each other while they work. Just because the people at your firm don't have their own private offices doesn't mean they cannot work in a place where they will enjoy getting things accomplished side by side. These simple design changes have the power to transform your law firm from the traditional to the modern and inspired, and will leave everyone with a great impression. Visit for more information. 


5 February 2016

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