Marriage Over? 4 Problems That Could Increase The Cost Of Your Divorce

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You've tried everything to keep your marriage together. Unfortunately, you and your spouse just couldn't make it work. Now that you're getting ready to file for divorce, you're realizing that it's going to take quite a bite out of your budget. It can be difficult to determine what the final cost of your divorce will be, especially since every divorce is different. However, there are some factors that can help you determine how costly your divorce will be. Here are three factors that can increase the cost of your divorce.

Divorce is Contentious

If you and your spouse are unable to communicate, or there are hard feelings between the two of you, the cost of your divorce may be more than you were expecting. This is particularly true if you and your spouse are unable to reach any agreements without the assistance of your attorneys. The more hours your attorneys have to work on your case, the more expensive divorce will be. To keep costs down, you and your spouse should try to reach agreements without lawyer intervention.

Custody Battle is Expected

Custody battles can drastically increase the cost of a divorce. This is particularly true if your custody battle requires the assistance of psychologists, social workers and other professional witnesses. You'll be required to pay for the professional services you plan on using during your custody battle. If you anticipate a custody battle, you should plan on spending considerably more for your divorce.

One Spouse is Hiding Assets

If you think your spouse is hiding assets, you'll need the assistance of your attorney to find those assets. Once you decide to file for divorce, it's important that you start making a list of the assets you know about. You'll also need to list assets you believe your spouse may be hiding from you. Some assets that your spouse may be hiding include:

  • Savings accounts
  • Inheritances
  • Lottery winnings

Case Requires Court Hearings

In most cases, couples can divorce without requiring judicial intervention. However, if your case is complex, or you and your spouse can't reach any agreements even with your lawyer's assistance, your case may require court hearings and judicial intervention to reach a settlement. If that's the case, your divorce may end up costing you considerably more.

If you're going through a divorce, you need to plan for the legal fees. The information provided here will help you understand why your divorce costs may increase. Be sure to speak to your attorney, such as one from McKone & Unruh, about your particular situation.  


9 April 2016

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