4 Reasons You May Be Denied Workers' Compensation

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One of the more challenging times in life is sure to be if you're dealing with a work-related injury. Being involved in an accident on the job can make life more difficult, and you may face some financial losses. The key to getting through a tough time such as this will depend on being awarded workers' compensation. Knowing some of the things you will want to avoid doing to ensure you are granted this payment can be helpful for you.

Reason #1: Failure to inform your employer

The first thing you will want to consider doing when you've been involved in an accident at work is to let your boss know what happened. Doing so will help ensure you get the payment you deserve for your injuries.

If you fail to notify your boss that you were hurt for several days after the fact, this can make it look as if you weren't seriously hurt. 

Reason #2: Intoxicated

If you were consuming alcohol while on the job and this contributed to your accident or if you showed up at work drunk, this could prevent you from qualifying for this type of payment.

In fact, you may be asked to take a blood test that will show if there was any alcohol in your system the day that you were hurt. If so, you won't be able to receive any payment from your employer.

Reason #3: Failure to visit the right medical provider

It's necessary for you to check with your employer before getting any type of medical treatment. This will help ensure that you receive the workers' compensation payment you deserve.

Many individuals may rush to a doctor without checking with an employer, and this doctor may not be included in the network of physicians you should see.

Reason #4: Pre-existing condition

Having a condition that may have contributed to your injury while on the job could prevent payment. For instance, if you have a back problem, and you begin to experience pain by lifting objects at work, this could disqualify you.

Take the time to know the things you shouldn't do in order to help ensure you get payment for your accident. This could be a very hard time for you if you have to financially recover on your resources. Be sure to consult with a workers' compensation attorney who will assist you if this is necessary.

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8 July 2016

injured at work? what do you do now?

Were you injured at work and fighting to get the workers compensation that you have paid into each year? Sometimes, getting those payments can be very difficult. What do you do when an employer fights the claim? Do you need a lawyer to help you through the process? How will you pay for a lawyer if you cannot even pay your electric bill? You are probably as lost as I was when I went through the process. Fortunately, you can learn from my experience with the system and find the answers to many of the questions that you have about filing a workers comp claim and fighting the system when it is denied.