How To Obtain Guardianship Of Your Sister's Child

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The role of a loving aunt is a necessity in a child's life. You can create a special bond with your nieces and nephews that are different from the one with your own children. There are also times when you may have to take on the role as a parent. If your sister wants you to take care of her child, then it is time to talk to a family law attorney. Read on to find out how to obtain guardianship of your sister's child.

Understand The Struggles of Parenting

There are different reasons why some mothers give up or lose custody of their children. Some women are in abusive relationships and feel their children are unsafe in the household. A substance abuse addiction can also prevent a mother from being a good parent. Regardless of the problems, family members often have to step in to care for the children.

File For Non-Parent Custody

Non-parent custody is one of the ways to get guardianship of a non-biological child. You have to file a petition in the county of the child's residence. The petition should include the reasons why you want custody and a notice to the biological parents of the child.

If you are not the biological parent, then you have to prove certain things. You can start by showing proof of a long-term relationship with the child in question. Gaining custody means you have to take on the role of the parent and show you can care for the child.

On the other hand, you also have to prove that it is in the best interest of the child to stay in your care. The court has the power to make the decision about who is granted child custody.

Get Consent Guardianship

Consent guardianship is one of the easiest ways to get custody of a non-biological child. It is when the biological parents give written consent for custody to someone else. However, you need the signature of both biological parents for the agreement to be valid.

The court will require you to follow specific requirements. These requirements tend to vary from state to state. Ultimately, you must prove that your nephew or niece will not be hurt if a change of custody occurs.

Life is full of ups and down. Everyone needs a support system. It is important to be a good sibling. If your sister is struggling, then you make sure she has the resources to make a change. 


26 March 2018

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