Answers For Those Applying For Social Security Benefits

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Social Security benefits can be an essential part of the social safety net. However, the process of applying for these benefits can seem daunting to many individuals. This can be enough to cause some people to simply fail to pursue these benefits, despite the help that they could provide.

Should You Wait Until Your Claim Is Denied To Hire An Attorney?

It is common for people to assume that they will have to go through the initial application for Social Security disability benefits on their own and that they should only hire an attorney once their application is denied. However, it is almost always advisable for individuals to speak with an attorney like Todd East Attorney at Law prior to starting the process of applying for these benefits. An attorney will be able to ensure that you are correctly completing the paperwork, applying for the correct benefits, and handling other procedural issues that could potentially delay your application or result in it being denied.

Will You Receive Benefits For The Duration Of The Application Process?

Unfortunately, applying for disability benefits is not a short process. Applicants will often find that it can take many months before their claim clears the numerous bureaucratic hurdles that must be passed for a claim to be approved. Luckily, it is common for applicants to be awarded back benefits for the time that their application is being processed. Some individuals will assume that these benefits start from the time of the injury that led to the disability, but this only applies to the duration of the application process. As a result, individuals are typically encouraged to start applying for these benefits as soon as possible.

What If You Are Unable To Afford A Consultation Fee For An Attorney?

While individuals may appreciate the advice and input that they could receive from an attorney, they may not seek out these professionals due to a belief that the initial consultation will be very expensive. In reality, most Social Security attorneys will not charge their clients for the initial consultation. This can make it possible for you to easily receive the legal advice that you need for informed decision-making. Furthermore, these attorneys will typically refrain from charging their clients until the Social Security application has been approved. In addition to avoiding the financial stress of paying for an attorney during this application, this can also help individuals avoid the need to pay for ineffective representation during this complication and important application process.


26 June 2019

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