Juggling Grief And An Accident Lawsuit: How To Manage


When you have lost someone in an auto accident, you are emotionally at odds with what to do next. You may be feeling emotionally raw, and having to contend with funeral arrangements. When someone suggests that you talk to an auto accident attorney, you may not be hearing the speaker correctly, or not at all. This is a very difficult time for you, and having to consider the possibility of a lawsuit to compensate for the loss of someone dear to you just does not seem to fit. Yet, now is the time you do have to consider suing the person who is responsible for the death of your mate or your child. Here is how you can juggle grief and a lawsuit all at once. 

Meet with the Lawyer for a Short Initial Meeting

In three days of your loved one's untimely passing, you have to make arrangements, plan a funeral, alert extended family, and decide if you are going to feed funeral guests or not. It is hardly time to squeeze in a lengthy meeting with a lawyer. However, most lawyers under these circumstances are willing to meet with you at your residence, and they can keep the meeting very short. If you only have fifteen minutes to spare, the lawyer can do that to help you out. Have copies of medical reports and police reports regarding the accident ready to share with the lawyer. He/she can take the reports to read later, and the meeting ends with your arranging a longer meeting the following week. 

Meet Again to Discuss Particulars

After the funeral, find about thirty minutes to meet with the lawyer again. A week is good timing, as it will give the lawyer time to read the reports. The lawyer will give you his/her take on the situation and whether or not it would be worth your time to sue. If it sounds like you might have a solid case against the other driver, you can hire the lawyer with a retainer. You still do not have to do much of anything if you are not feeling up to talking a lot. If there is another adult family member who can speak for you and knows enough about what happened, he/she may conduct the rest of the meeting or further meetings in your stead. 

The Court Hearing Is Usually Set One to Three Months Ahead

This may be a lot on your plate right now, but the good news is that you are being proactive. The other bit of good news is that the hearing on your case is likely to be a month to three months in the future. It will give you some time to grieve and heal a bit before making a court appearance to get compensation for your lost loved one. 

For more information, contact an auto accident attorney in your area.


30 October 2019

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