Services Provided By A Family Law Attorney

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Are you dealing with divorce, childcare, domestic violence, and other family-related issues? You may consider retaining the services of a family law attorney. Family law focuses on arbitrating all matters related to couples, parents, children, and extended family members. In such cases, a family law attorney offers legal consultancy and representation to family members. So what services do family law attorneys offer? 

Services Provided By A Family Law Attorney

Prenuptial Agreements

A family law attorney supports couples in a committed relationship to prepare and execute a prenuptial agreement. Theoretically, a prenuptial is a binding agreement for individuals entering into a legal marriage or civil union. In both cases, the prenuptial spells out a variety of marriage obligations and what happens in the case of divorce. For example, the prenuptial can have a provision for property division and child support. The family law attorney helps to prepare this document, execute it, and implement it should the need arise.

Domestic Violence 

In a family, domestic violence may occur in the form of gender-based violence or child abuse. Domestic violence includes all forms of physical and mental torment that are intentional. Often, domestic violence between couples results from escalated conflicts and substance abuse. Additionally, children can face abuse from other family members, which necessitates intervention. In domestic violence cases, the family law attorney acts as a trusted counsel to advise on legal actions. More so, the attorney can litigate the issue in a court seeking a divorce, restraining orders, and childcare.


Divorce is one potential outcome of a marriage. Ideally, divorce arises as a last resort when arbitration and separation fail, and couples have irreconcilable differences. Divorce may be mutual or contested. In both cases, the family law attorney acts for a particular partner seeking a divorce. The services would include filing divorce papers and a court settlement on property division, child custody, and support.

Child Custody 

The child custody question arises from divorce and separation. Ideally, child custody becomes an issue when both or one of the parents contests child custody. In such a case, the court decides and gives possession to one parent. Family lawyers act for either parent to influence a favorable determination on child custody. Besides, family lawyers also deal with childcare and adoption, where both parents cannot provide care for the child.

Family Estate 

Family estate divisions arise out of divorce or in case of death. In this process, the lawyer handles estate division conflicts in a court. More so, the attorney supports family members to prepare and execute a will. In the event of death, the lawyer ensures the estate administration as per the will. 

Family law attorneys act as the glue that binds the family relations. Should the family unit disintegrate, the attorneys prepare family members for a soft landing. 


28 April 2021

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