3 Questions To Ask A Whistleblower Lawyer

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If you think you have a whistleblower case, then you might have decided to hire a lawyer. Before you choose a firm, you should do some due diligence to make sure you make the right choice.

To start the shortlisting process, ask lawyers the following questions.

1. Do They Think You Have a Case?

You don't necessarily want to become a whistleblower if your case has no merit. You might expose yourself if your action becomes public. You have to meet certain conditions to be eligible for a whistleblower reward.  

You might not know the ins and outs of the rules at this stage. For example, different sectors define whistleblowing in different ways.

You might not know how laws and programs work in relation to your case. Plus, cases often have to be made within a certain time period. This period varies according to the laws relevant to your situation.

So, the first conversation you have with any lawyer should include an assessment of the validity of your situation. An experienced whistleblower lawyer will understand the rules, regulations, and laws that govern your case. They can advise you whether you can proceed.

2. Can They Protect You Against Retaliation?

While whistleblowers do a good thing, they sometimes suffer for their actions. The actions they report can lead to retaliation from responsible parties.

While there are federal and state laws that should protect you from retaliatory actions, you might worry about how becoming a whistleblower will affect your career and work relationships both now and in the future. You need somebody who will look after your interests and protect your privacy as much as possible.

A skilled whistleblower lawyer will always be in your corner. They can keep your case private, as long as that is possible. They can also help you understand what might happen if you proceed with your case. If anything were to go wrong, they can help manage problems to keep retaliatory parties from doing you any harm.

3. Do They Have Relevant Experience?

Whistleblower law is complex. Every action has its own guidelines and laws. You need a lawyer with relevant experience that matches your situation.

So, for example, if you want to report tax fraud, then you need to hire a lawyer who understands the Taxpayer First Act. Your lawyer should have actively worked on tax whistleblowing cases in the past. They should also have a strong track record of success.

The answers to these questions will help you create a whistleblower lawyer shortlist.


9 July 2021

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