Why Poor Self-Care At A Nursing Home Can Be A Sign Of Abuse

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When your loved one is engaged in self-neglect, you might be surprised to find out that someone else might be responsible for their self-neglect if they are an older adult. Seniors often experience physical and cognitive decline that prevents them from caring for themselves. When this is the case, those who are responsible for caring for them are also responsible for any lack of self-care.

Why Seniors Fail with Self-Care

Seniors will sometimes have a difficult time carrying out daily tasks such as eating, bathing, and taking their medication. When a senior does not care for themselves, this could be due to an unwillingness or inability to care for themselves. Oftentimes, seniors will begin to neglect themselves in small ways such as forgetting to take a bath. However, this can eventually become dangerous. Poor self-care can eventually lead to health problems.

Nursing Home Negligence

The goal of a nursing home facility is to meet the physical and mental needs of a resident especially when they are unable to care for themselves. However, with many nursing homes being short-staffed, they might fail to adequately care for your loved one. When this occurs, you will need to take legal action to hold them accountable.

However, there are lawyers who choose to specialize in nursing home abuse and will be able to help you fight for the rights of your loved one. Staff members are supposed to be trained to provide care and should be able to identify when your loved one is not adequately caring for themselves. Then, the nursing home staff should intervene to protect the health of your loved one.

For example, if the nursing home staff discovers that your loved one is not using shampoo to wash their hair, they may explain which bottle is shampoo and possibly label the bottles in a way that is easy for your loved one to identify. These small measures can improve the well-being of your loved one and reduce the risk of health problems.

The Role of a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

To seek compensation for the neglect of your loved one, you will need to find out exactly what happened. However, this can be very difficult when the nursing home will be eager to cover up any potential wrongdoing. Therefore, you will need to hire professionals who spend every day investigating nursing homes and will be able to build a solid case for why your loved one deserves compensation.

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11 January 2022

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