Things An Art Lawyer Can Help You With

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As an artist, there are going to be times when you should consider consulting with an art lawyer. Not sure when that might be? Take a little time to read through the upcoming points so you will never be left in the dark, or potentially find yourself faced with legal troubles because you didn't have someone with art law experience helping you.

Gallery Contracts

Whether you have been approached by a gallery to have some of your art displayed for a single event or for an ongoing show, you will want to talk with an art lawyer. They can help you review the contract or paperwork that the art gallery gave you. If they did not provide you with any written agreement, you will want to have your lawyer draw up a contract that protects your best interest.

Sales Agreement

If someone buys a piece of your art, do they have your permission to reproduce it? Do you give them permission to change aspects of the art, while leaving your signature on it? Do they retain any and all rights to that art? These are questions you need to have answered. If you are not sure what to do or what each option would mean to you and your profession as an artist, you will want to speak with an art lawyer. They can help you better understand all of the ins and outs of selling your art and how you want the entire process to go. This can be a lot easier for you than just learning as you go and making mistakes along the way.

Drafting Demand Letters

Some artists have had the unfortunate experience of noticing that their art is used online without their consent. You do not want to allow something like that to continue if you come across such a situation with any of your artwork. An art lawyer will be able to draft a legal demand letter, such as a cease and desist, that you can forward to the person or entity using your art without your consent. The art lawyer can also help you understand what action you can take if the stolen art is not removed from the internet or wherever it is displayed.

You should now consider taking a little time to research the various art lawyers in your area. The bigger your city, or the closest city to you, the more art lawyers there will be. Go ahead and talk with a few different attorneys so you can learn about the services each of them provides and the cost for each service. Some may work on a retainer and then bill by the hour. Others might offer contract reviews and things of that nature for a flat rate.


17 April 2023

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