Preparing For Divorce When Self-Employed: 2 Reasons To Keep Detailed Expense Logs

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Divorce, when you're self-employed, holds a few extra tasks compared to divorce for the conventionally employed. Because there is no real third-party overseeing your pay, your income claims may require more scrutiny by the court. This isn't a personal indictment, it's simply a fact of life for people who are responsible for their own income. Because people in the past have hidden income, you may have to go through more investigation so that the court is satisfied that you're accurately reporting what you earned and spent.

24 April 2019

Are You A Business Owner? 3 Reasons You Need A Corporate Lawyer

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If you are a business owner, you know it takes a lot of work to keep your business growing and successful. One thing you can do to help your business continue running well is to hire a corporate lawyer, such as from carter and west law firm. Below are three reasons why you need to do this. If You Get Sued You never know if a customer or a client will sue your company.

14 March 2019

When to Hire a Construction Lawyer

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If you are a contractor, subcontractor, or you own your own construction business, your business thrives off of having people work for you and people to work for. So, what happens if someone messes up and you find yourself in a lot of trouble? That's when you can hire a construction lawyer. To help you understand when and if you may need to hire a construction lawyer, this article will take a closer look at a few scenarios that you might run into.

8 February 2019

Consult A Tax Attorney If You've Been Dishonest When Filing Your Income Tax

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Ideally, you'll be able to look yourself in the mirror and know that you've always been honest when filing your income tax. Not everyone can make such a statement, however, and if this is the case for you, your past transgressions may be causing you stress. Instead of fretting over what audits or legal complications might be in your future, it's a better idea to be proactive. Contact a tax attorney and explain your situation.

2 January 2019

Key Factors In A Car Accident Case

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If you've been injured in a motor vehicle incident and have decided to move forward with a claim with the help of a car accident lawyer, you'll likely be wondering what factors might play into how your case will pan out. Your car accident attorney will focus on evidence from the scene, reports, and anything witnesses can provide. They'll also take a close look at any indications of problems that occurred with a vehicle or a driver prior to an incident.

17 November 2018

Two Ways to Proceed When the Defendant Moves Out of State


You'll face many challenges when litigating a lawsuit for damages and losses you sustained in a motorcycle accident, and one of them is when the defendant moves to another city, state, or even country in the middle of the trial. Here are a couple of ways you can proceed if the person you are suing suddenly relocates without notice. File a Motion to Compel Some defendants think if they can't be found then the lawsuits against them will magically disappear.

9 October 2018

Put Your Children First

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When you got married, you more than likely didn't even conceive that your marriage would end in divorce, did you? Have you already started your divorce proceedings, or has your spouse started them? Whether it's an amicable divorce or one filled with bitterness and anger, it's no secret that your children are probably going through a hard time. After all, little kids didn't ask to ask to be put in the middle of their parent's problems, did they?

4 September 2018

Divorce 101: How To Prepare For A Divorce

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You spend years planning the perfect wedding. You make sure every last detail is perfect for your big day. Everyone expects to live happily ever after, but the sad truth is that most marriages will end in divorce. If you are considering divorce or have been served divorce papers, you need to start planning right away. A divorce doesn't require the same level of planning as a wedding, but there are still multiple things that need to be done in order to protect yourself in court.

30 July 2018

Ways To Get Out Of Jail If You Don't Have The Cash You Need

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If you were arrested for a major crime and are currently in jail, you might have the chance to get out of jail by paying the bail amount set by the court. Unfortunately, courts often set high bail amounts for alleged criminals, and many of these individuals do not have the money needed to pay their bail amounts to get released. If you are in this position, here are the main options you have if you want to get out of jail.

27 June 2018

What To Do When You're Unhappy With Your Car Accident Settlement Amount

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Following an accident that wasn't your fault, the insurance company of the other party will offer you a settlement. Although this amount is usually arrived after assessing the accident, the damage and the medical reports, the amount offered by the company may still be way below what you're entitled to get. This is because the claim adjuster serves the insurance company's interests. If you're unsatisfied with the offer, there are steps you can take.

28 April 2018