Why Would an Injury Attorney Turn Away a Case?

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Hearing that an injury lawyer isn't inclined to take your case may leave you wondering if you should keep pushing forward with a claim. One injury attorney may decline a case for a whole host of reasons, and not all of them mean the case isn't worth pursuing. Here are four reasons an attorney might turn away an injury case. Busy A lawyer will try to tell you upfront that they are busy.

30 December 2020

Where There Is A Will: Understanding Estate Property Divisions

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When a last will and testament is created, the author has plenty of choices to make when deciding who will receive what. Estate property can be divided in any number of ways but most use two ways most commonly. If you are about to make out your will, read below to find out more about choosing beneficiaries and dividing your estate among your loved ones. Spouses Are Protected Almost all states don't allow the spouse to be left out of a will, either on purpose or accidentally.

27 November 2020

Who Is At Fault For A Skylight Injury?

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When walking on the roof of a property, one of the potential disasters that you might suffer is a fall through a skylight. The skylight is a feature that provides natural lighting to a property, but you may not notice it when you are walking on the roof and might fall through. While you might think that this accident is your fault, you might actually have a case against the property owner.

2 November 2020

Questions That You Might Have About Personal Injuries

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Personal injury attorneys can help you with a wide range of injury cases. There are a lot of ways that people can be injured, whether it is from a car accident, a trip-and-fall accident, a dog bite, a faulty product, or anything else. If you have been injured then you want to learn more about  personal injury law, then you want to keep reading the information here:  Are car accidents considered to be a different type of injury?

1 October 2020

Warning Signs That Your Personal Injury Case Is About To Get Ugly

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Nobody wants to deal with more stress after they've been hurt in a car accident. Unfortunately, things don't always go smoothly when dealing with the at-fault driver's insurance company. In some cases, the insurance company might pay for your medical expenses and other losses but not always. Read below for the signs that should have you contacting a personal injury lawyer. Your injuries were more than just minor. When it comes to injuries from an accident, it's as much about the cost of the medical treatment as it is about the seriousness of them.

26 August 2020

What You Need To Know Before Filing For Personal Bankruptcy

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Are you drowning in debt? Filing for bankruptcy can give you the chance to start over after your finances have collapsed. The circumstances under which you may declare bankruptcy in the U.S. are unique to you, but it's up to the bankruptcy court to determine whether you should get a discharge order. While the process of filing for bankruptcy may vary slightly from state to state, the basic steps to be followed are the same.

29 July 2020

4 Factors That Impact The Value Of Your Truck Accident Claim

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If you got into an accident with a commercial truck driver, you can file a personal injury lawsuit in order to receive compensation for your accident. When it comes to the claim process, you need to make sure you understand the value of your case. There are various factors that can impact the value of your case and what you will get out of your case if you file a personal injury lawsuit in a truck accident situation.

29 June 2020

3 Ways A Deportation Defense Lawyer Can Help You Or A Loved One Who Is Facing Deportation

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If you are facing deportation, it is normal to feel scared and helpless. Under these types of circumstances, it is not uncommon to feel like the situation is hopeless and nothing can be done. However, the best thing that you can do when you or a loved one is facing deportation is hire an experienced and reputable deportation defense lawyer. Retaining the services of a deportation defense lawyer can make a huge impact and may make the difference in whether you are actually deported or you are allowed to remain in the country.

27 May 2020

Do You Need A Criminal Attorney Before You've Been Charged?

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One of the weirdest situations in criminal law is the question of what to do if you haven't been charged with an offense. If the police or a prosecutor have formally charged you, it's easy to determine that you require criminal attorney services. Do you need a criminal attorney, though, if you haven't been charged? Let's look at several possible scenarios where you may want to retain counsel. Allegations Are Floating Around

23 April 2020

The Legalities That Real Estate Buyers Face

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When purchasing a piece of real estate, it's important to address a number of legal issues. Even if you have a law firm representing your interests, it's still wise to understand these three potential issues you might face as a buyer. Your Duties as a Buyer It's easy to think about all the duties the folks selling properties have, but you should also think about your obligations as the acquiring party.

19 March 2020